Saturday, August 29, 2009

follow up on No Name Vegemite

...we did buy some of the yet to be named Vegemite/Cheese spread....
The fact that I haven't commented on it already probably says
Tried once, it has sat in the fridge for weeks with only a fraction of its contents consumed and is destined to end up supplementing the dog's dinner one interesting to see if they turn their noses up at it. . . .
I used to eat Vegemite and Cheese sandwiches as a child but obviously the taste doesn't appeal anymore as an adult.
Good luck Kraft! Perhaps someone out there likes it, but for me it's just not cricket!
Born n bred on the real stuff....and hope to die eating the real stuff!


1 comment:

kiso said...

Haven't tried the Spread Formerly Known As "iSnack 2.0", but I'd be willing to give it a go. A friend of Nell's has tried it and liked it.

What's it like with lettuce? ;^)