Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Vegemite Sizes

The size of Vegemite Jars has changed...
One of those tricks the marketers use to make you buy less product for more money.... Here we used to buy the BIG 910g Jar or the 455g size, which they now don't make, instead the biggest size on the shelf is now 600g for not much less cost than what the BIG jar used to be!
...and the other disappointment, not many craters!!...either we've just been unlucky so far or they just don't appear as much? I've only had one 600g jar with one crater and I didn't get a photo as I was in a rush doing the school lunches for my Potholes. (Potholes are my sons, pre-pubescent Pitts)
here is an older crater photo....

cheers, and "Happy Little Vegemites" to you all!


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