Monday, November 06, 2006

Vegemite Favourites

What is my favourite Vegemite concoction?
A Vegemite, Lettuce and Onion sandwich..........
How did this come about? I hear you ask!
When I was a young lad I was introduced to Vegemite and Lettuce sandwiches which I ate regularly for my school lunch...The combination of Vegemite and Lettuce on a sandwich is quite a treat with the saltiness of Vegemite and the crunch of Lettuce together making a superb gourmet lunch on a budget.
The onion version...
Once I left school and started working I would often buy my lunch, often being my favourite Vegemite and Lettuce....a lot of sandwich shops had never heard of a vegemite and lettuce sandwich and some would even ask "do you want salt on that?" (what the.!.)..every now and then I would get one that tasted a little different than normal but only in one or two of the took me a little while to figure it out... but it eventually dawned on me that the different ingredient was onion, probably inserted into my sandwich accidentally by the some onion left on the tongs used to put my Lettuce on with, after someone elses salad sanga was made..
After that I would regularly ask for the Trifecta of vegemite lettuce and onion..
.....that raised the eyebrows of a lot of sandwich artists ;-)

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